My counseling/consultation fee, that includes all applicable taxes and administrative costs, is $90.00(US) or 55.00 € per session.

My initial session is entirely devoted to you and typically calls for several hours of work. Within this session I give you my undivided attention as I study your question, understand your message or concern, do the necessary research and prepare my first professional response.

The fee for all subsequent e-mails is based on my session rate of $90.00(US) or 55.00 €.   This means that I can receive and respond, for example, to three short e-mail messages or one long message over a span of a few days. It is up to you how you want to "spend" your session. would like to make your payments for counseling or consultation EASY, CONVENIENT, AND FAST.

Consequently, for internet counseling/consultation in Slovenia you can make a direct deposit to Banka Koper card No. SI56 1010 0002 9196 898.

For all other international countries your payment for your session is done via PayPal using credit or debit card.


Private payment must be received in advance in order to proceed.

Thank you.



Dr. Marjeta Ritchie

+00 386 (0)31 799 595

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