Informed Consent

1. I am fully competent to give informed and willing consent to receive online counseling provided by Dr. Marietta Ritchie.

2. Without being coerced, I do hereby seek and consent to take part in the online counseling provided by Dr. Marietta Ritchie.

3. I understand that counseling or consultation may consist of one question or an ongoing dialogue via e-mail or text chat within therapeutic alliance.

4. I understand that there are benefits to online counseling; however, results are not guaranteed as they depend on various factors such as motivation and willingness to engage in the therapeutic process, and establishment of the client-therapist therapeutic alliance.

5. I understand that at times even with our best efforts, the therapy may not work out well for me.

6. I understand that online counseling is NOT suited for emergency, life- threatening, physical abuse or crisis situations, where in-office care, emergency room of a local hospital, or a crisis center are the better alternative.

7. I understand that developing a counseling plan with Dr. Marietta Ritchie and regularly reviewing our work toward meeting my goals and objectives are in my best interest.

8. I agree to play an active role in my counseling process. I expect Dr. Marietta Ritchie and myself to collaborate on any difficulties that may occur, and to work them out in my long-term best interest.

9. I understand that at times any progress in individual therapy may disrupt or end marital or other relationship.

10. I understand that at times my problems may temporarily worsen after the beginning of counseling. This is expected when I am making important choices and changes in my life.

11. I am aware that I may stop my counseling with Dr. Marietta Ritchie at any time.

12. I understand that Dr. Marietta Ritchie may discuss my record with a consultant, who is also bound by the legal framework of privacy and confidentiality; however, no information will be released without my written consent.

13. I understand that I pay in advance via PayPal for the services I receive.

14. I understand that that Choices and Changes Online Inc. is not responsible for any computer technical difficulties that may arise and that I need to take necessary precautions to protect my computer from any malfunction.

15. I acknowledge that any question that I may have it had been answered fully.



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