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www.ChoicesAndChangesOnline.com counseling and consulting services are provided by Dr. Marietta Ritchie, R.N., B.S.N., M.S.N., M.A. (Psych), Ph.D. (Psych) a Registered Nurse (registration #325947) registered by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, Canada and a Registered Counselor ( registration # RC00021622) registered by State of Washington, Health Professionals Quality Assurance Division, United States of America.

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I, Dr. Marietta Ritchie adhere to ALL ethical and professional standards and guidelines of all the professional associations that I am a member of; namely,
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* Canadian Nurse's Association, Canada
* Registered Nurses Association of BC, Canada
* Canadian Psychological Association, Canada
* American Psychological Association, USA
* Health Professions Quality Assurance Division, USA
* Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, USA
* International Society for Mental Health Online

The Scope of our Therapeutic Relationship

I can offer you online therapeutic relationship, which is one-to-one professional counseling and consulting service Online. This Online service is bound by the confidentiality and exclusiveness of the relationship between the two of us, you, as a client and me, as your therapist.

There are important differences between a therapeutic relationship and friendship. A friend may see your position only from his/her personal viewpoints and experiences and may find quick and easy solutions to your concerns so that he/she can feel helpful. However, accepting somebody else's solutions may not be in your best interest.

I, as a therapist will help you see the multitude of choices available to you and than help, guide, coach so that you may choose and change in the direction that is best for you.

My assistance to your situation is based on tested theories of psychotherapy and methods of change. Consequently, the dynamics of my psychological service focus on a constant restructuring of relationships between the two of us in order for you to learn new or better ways of adapting or adjusting to changes, and to make life-style alterations, which lead to your optimum health.

Your individual's contentment and life satisfaction (feeling happy) is important outcome of my online counseling as it represents my primary concern for your well-being.

The limitation of my counseling/consulting practice rests with my right that I may not accept you as my client. Some reasons may be:

* I do not have the time available to attend to your needs or concerns
* We are unable to establish or maintain a working therapeutic alliance
* You may have issues/problems outside my expertise
* You are in crisis or emergency situations
* You are suicidal or homicidal
* You exhibit signs of psychiatric illness that others may consider unrealistic beliefs (delusions) or You see or hear things that others don't (hallucinations).
* You are addicted to alcohol or drugs
* You require hospitalization.
* You are under age of 18

All these reasons to deny your participation into my therapeutic alliance are the factors that work for you as they serve to protect you.

Online counseling has many advantages over face-to-face psychotherapy. Although the human contact and the visual, behavioral, verbal cues and voice qualities of communications are missing, you gain the following:


There are no doors to enter! Address any issue or concern that you may find to be too embarrassing or troublesome to express in person. You have the privacy and the freedom to say what is truly on your mind.Expressing your thoughts and feelings may give rise to strong emotions. Please select a private space and time to write.


You do not need to drive anywhere. There are no appointments to keep. There are no office visits. You can be in touch with me, your therapist any time, any place.
Together we can make it


You can think quietly; express yourself fully wherever you are and without interruptions to your daily life. You have immediate access to me, as your therapist as I am as close to you as your desire to write on your computer.




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